Haven’t Started

For the past years, I always welcome the new year with a hopeful heart. One might think of December 31 as just a normal day for a tomorrow but for me, it is always a new story to tell.   December 2018, I decided to cut ties with people who don't concern me much. My... Continue Reading →



My flesh is a museum of the unknown. Seeking intricate exploration. Delicate, pristine shelter of fragile assemblage. Voila, señor! Take the privilege. From top let's have a little stop. It's just the start, don't make it rush. This shell as fragile as pearl of Pope. So dense yet soft, tongue cannot sow! So bite that... Continue Reading →

Unfairy Tale

I am a puzzle made up of pieces collected together. I am still a puzzle if I lost any piece. Yet, I am then incomplete. Adulthood comes rushing like a ghost in dream. Like boogie man; I want to scream. The society's shouting "You should live your dream!" But nobody's teaching me how to wake... Continue Reading →

A Damsel-Not-In-Distress

THIS WAS POSTED IN HE SAID, SHE SAID PHILIPPINES She’s independent and brave. She walks along the subway with her head up not trying to look weak. She draws attention in a blink of an eye. To some women, the way she speaks her mind is intimidating. Men go head-over-heels but cannot do a single... Continue Reading →

ANIM (A Spoken Word Poetry Piece)

Sa dalawang uri ng pag-ibig na Tama at Mali, hindi ko alam kung saan tayo kasali. ~ Sa bawat araw na kasama ka ay isang araw ng hiling na sana hindi na matapos pa. Ikaw ang unang tanawin sa bawat bagong umaga at huling nakikita tuwing gabi bago ipikit ang mga mata. Sa tagal ng... Continue Reading →

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